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The Rudgleigh Steak house


Location: Bristol.

Business: Steak House.

System: 2 x V-R7000 Android Touch Screen Terminal with 1 Thermal Printer and 1 Kitchen Printer.

Installed: January 2017.

Contact details: Katherine - 01275 372363.

"Adoption of the Casio Cloud EPOS on the handhelds has provided a step-change in the growth journey of the restaurant."


Conveniently located just minutes off M5, The Rudgleigh Inn and Steakhouse has fast developed a reputation for offering outstanding food from its countryside setting beside the Easton-in-Gordano village cricket green. Differentiating itself by offering gluten free options; prosecco on tap and steaks perfected to individual tastes.

When first opening The Rudgleigh, Kat settled for usage of the existing in-pub solution - a first-generation EPOS system with two unconnected tills that only offered separate readings of daily takings. Adding new items to the menu would take hours, with the process then duplicated for the second till.


For two years, the family team struggled to organise themselves, until a full onsite refurbishment provided the opportunity to purchase a networked EPOS solution complete with handheld devices to increase customer serving time and choices at the table. Tasking Bristol based EPOS solution provider, Zenith, to recommend a reliable mobile solution for busy restaurants, Zenith proposed the cloud based Casio V-R7000 EPOS solution with Casio Mobile Ordering handheld tablets for interactions and ordering on the go. The Rudgleigh co-owner, Kat Lincoln, noted:-

“The Casio solution stood out from all other EPOS’ demonstrated because it came with reliable, easy to use, Casio Mobile Ordering handheld devices that offered exactly the same capabilities as the main tills.“

With 15 young and part-time staff, it was critical that the system was easy to use and reliable to transmit for quick, successful uptake. With familiar touch screen functionality, staff were immediately at ease and confident with the menu driven options such as additional toppings and cooking preferences. This ease naturally led to increasing interactions with customers.


Kat and the team transforms flagging pub into leading Bristol restaurant, helped by increased time and service with customers using Casio’s New Handheld Solutions. This extraordinary journey has taken The Rudgleigh into TripAdvisor’s ‘Excellent’ rated status and today hosts a thriving restaurant serving 110 covers.

“We have seen a correlation in the increase of menu items selected using the handhelds at the tables. We have moved from order-takers to engaging in full conversations as to the range of choices on offer. Our staff now offer a personal service that customers seem to relish.”

There’s less physical running around for staff too – using the handhelds at the table automatically saves staff valuable time negotiating their way to the bar and kitchen to dispense of drink and food orders. This time saving is especially important on busy days such as Bank Holidays, when the extra 10 minutes gained back per table makes a difference in providing an on–time second service backed by a friendly meet and greet together with a full menu explanation.

With instant updates to items via the Cloud and visible across all handhelds, Kat can now easily cope with dynamic menu items such as promotions, specials and seasonal dishes that keeps the menu fresh and attractive to new customers and existing customers. Staff are reminded of changes as the handhelds flag up the new options, so the days of memorising the Specials Board are long gone.

“If I had to identify the greatest impact that usage of Casio Mobile Ordering has had to our business, it is that it saves time on the ground, both at the tables, and my time in the back office. Usage continues to alleviate previous laborious menu changes and frees me to focus productively elsewhere.”

This time saving has enabled Kat to take on other areas previously outsourced, including the company accounting. Under the Casio Cloud app, account reconciliation, consumption tracking and forecasting and reporting are available from any internet enabled device with just a few key strokes.


“Adoption of the Casio Cloud EPOS on the handhelds has provided a step-change in the growth journey of the restaurant. They have been a significant factor in increasing customer service levels and increasing the number of items sold.”

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