P2C 100 Series

P2C C-100

Low heat, near-silent, fanless method implemented!

The world's first left and right I / O placement for efficient management!

Slim & Sleek Style Design In a variety of colors!


Stylish and simple design, convenient and simple maintenance.

  • Intuitive and easy maintenance (Left and right I/O ports placement, Removable HDD, Screw minimized and harness, etc.).

  • A variety of replaceable colored covers.

  • Heat dissipation aluminum die casting.

  • flat style ultra-slim design.

  • One touch easily detachable, VESA wall mount capable.

  • PCAP touch with 15 inch LED backlight LCD panel (optional).

Simplified maintenance due to the harness and minimzed screws within the system


Cool, quiet Fanless method implemented

Replace Body and stand replacement with One Touch.

Instantly switched to wall-mount, after detaching from stand.

Simple and clean wiring for peripheral connections.



Customisable Display

Secure Readability

Gently move the screen up, down, left, and right monitor for customers according to eye level improving readability.

Built-in protection for illegal use.

Supports PC/SC support, IC Card Reader.

Magnetic Stripe Data Encryption Feature Support (AES).

Security Feature


Left and right I / O port access placement is easy and port placed in a dedicated MSR (MiniUSB), SR Interface (Serial & USB) cable changeable without altering

Control port-installed to support Cash drawer.

Default interface is USB and RS232 is available by CMOS setting

Smart all-in-one combination for MSR, SCR and Dallas key
(MSR + SCR + Dallas key as well as MSR, SCR and MSR + SCR)

2nd LCD Display

10inch and 15inch LCD display support

1024 × 768 Resolution

Ultra slim bezel and case design

tilt and swivel adjustment bracket structure support

VFD type

20 columns × 2 lines

MSR designed Body family look

Tilt & angle adjustment bracket structure

OPOS support

tilt and swivel support


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