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Zenith EPoS was born out of a passion for the highest standards of customer service and the inspiration from the pos systems themselves and how they could change the fortunes of businesses that installed them and used them correctly.

With a background in sales and many years experience with EPoS systems, Phil Stackhouse had a vision. He felt that the industry service standards could be improved and that the pos software systems were not being used to their full potential.

He saw a place where each pos system and the service standards behind it would reach a pinnacle of excellence: a zenith. Astrologically speaking, this is the highest point of an orbiting body away from its’ host. From Phil’s point of view, he saw it as attaining the highest levels of service possible above the EPoS industry norm.

So Zenith EPoS was created to realise Phil’s vision, about which he is as passionate today as he was at the beginning. And he communicates this passion to his team, who all believe absolutely in this shared vision.

And to prove the point, Zenith EPoS has the highest customer satisfaction record. We have not had a single client leave us due to poor service. This is the service level we aimed for and, having achieved it, aim to maintain.

So is EPoS in Bristol good enough? It is now.


You might run a café, restaurant, hotel or pub. You may need epos for hospitality or retail; private business or public sector. You may have one site, which you never want to go beyond or perhaps you already have several sites and are looking to grow regionally. You may be an established, multi-site operation looking to update and improve your systems.

Perhaps this is your first venture and you have never had to look at hospitality or retail systems before. Do not worry, you are in safe hands. A full and thorough review of your epos software needs, with full training and follow up will ensure you have got the best pos system for your business: by the time you open your doors, you’ll be EPoS touch experts.

Maybe you are looking to join up multiple sites so that all are giving the same information: this means you can analyse the data, compare and contrast the sites and help resolve problems and build a stronger picture of where any new sites should be situated.



You may be perfectly happy with your existing system but not happy with the support you currently receive. On certain systems, we can take over this support and are happy to talk to you about your individual needs.

Whatever your situation, Zenith EPoS is here to ensure you get the system you need for the business you run. We guarantee to save you time and money which you can re-invest in your business.

Our success is completely bound up with the success of our clients and that’s how we want it to stay. If you doubt our commitment, just take a look at the testimonials we have received from a range of very satisfied customers and our unique customer pledge.

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