The V-R100 is the new EPoS system from Casio running on the open-source Android™ platform.

This is an industry first and will make EPoS even more versatile and give business owners even more sophisticated sales and business management.

Features include better targeted customer loyalty activity, including advertising messages on the pop-up LCD customer display module; e-catalogue to take orders and arrange delivery at the point of sale; promotional activity through social media, real-time public transport information; connection to Gmail and Google Maps.

The implications here for marketing are obvious: competing better with online retail sales; up-selling and promoting offers and news at point of sale; and engaging more directly with customers and prospects online.

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South West Centre of Excellence

Welcome to Zenith EPoS, the electronic point-of-sale company that likes to do things just a little bit differently.

We know EPoS can work for you. The pos software is capable of giving you swathes of information that can help your business: average spends; purchase frequency; popular products; stock information; customer profile.

This information gives you the means to identify poorly performing products that may need promoting or deleting; low-spend or low-frequency customers with whom you can focus on the up-sell; or reduce stock levels to improve cash-flow.

Not like any other EPoS company in the South West

However, all this information is only as good as the person operating the EPoS system. That’s why we put you in complete control. We fit the system that will best suit your business – we have 40 years combined experience at Zenith, so we have picked up a thing or two.

You will find our training second to none and we will follow up after a month or so, to ensure everything is still running smoothly. And, we will always be on-hand to sort problems, answer questions and offer advice.

We have spent the last 7 years building an excellent customer satisfaction record, through over 500 clients, and we are very proud of this achievement.

This is a record we have worked hard to create and we aim to keep it. So, whether you are in hospitality, retail or public sector, with Zenith EPoS: ‘You’re in good hands’.